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Education is not just soaking up textual facts and reproducing them in the examination papers to get good grades. It aims at all round development of a child at intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In principle, this is what any good school tries to follow, but practically it becomes a difficult task. This is where EDIARY comes to dig out the unique capabilities which each student has and polish them to become jewels who will definitely go on to help the society in one way or other

In the current social scenario both parents of most students are working and they have precious little time to share with their children. But at the same time they are very much concerned about the children too. Getting simple but valuable information about the child regularly will surely help them out of this dilemma

What is eDiary
Customer Resource Management System for eduacational Institutions.

  • Online Admission Process with payment gateway + Website Link*
  • Student Database Management keep track all activities of the student from k-12
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data available for further analysis
  • Fee Collection and Payroll take care all collection and payments
  • Transport and Library
  • Customer Relation
    • Web, IVRS (Telephone), SMS
    • Payment Gateway to pay online.
    • Trouble Tickets
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