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  • E-Diary is an integrated automation software used for better productivity in schools.
  • E-Diary has 10 Modules; they are Online Admission Handling, Student database, Examination, Fee collection, Transportation, Library Management, Staff Database, Pay roll, Financial Accounting and Performance Analysis.
  • E-diary is developed in latest three different technologies; Desktop, Web and mobile.
  • E-diary generates individual details of each student as per criteria and period and communicates with parents.
  • E-Diary has some unique features like -
    • Well organized, user friendly, flexible and interactive modules.
    • Use of latest technology, Auto complete help, Powerful search, efficient security, Report wizards
Communication Tool

If one is asked as to what is the major parameter that is used for evaluating the standard of any school, the answer undoubtedly would be “The Performance of the Students.”
No matter however big your school building could be, no matter however impressive is your list of enlightened teachers working with the school, no matter however good your labs and sports facility could be, ultimately everything boils down to one thing—that is performance of the students. Communication & Performance monitoring tools have been developed keeping precisely this goal in mind.Students normally spend almost 70% of their awakened time in their schools. However many of them are not able to take benefit of this long association and as a result lag behind in academics. Many a time parents actually do not even know that their wards have deficiencies and teachers do not get time to interact with each and every parent on a daily basis. In order to meet the rising expenditure today both parents of most students are employed and their busy schedules also prevent meeting and interacting with the teachers of their wards on a daily basis.

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