What eDdiary
Why eDiary
eDairy Advantage

eDiary Advantage

For Management

  • No Huge Overhead Expenses.
  • Small investment and High Return*
  • Always with Latest technologies
  • Profit Centre*
  • Helps in bringing Transparency in the processes
  • Helps to improve the Brand-image of the institute
  • Assists in Monitoring staff performances
  • Facilitates in collecting Feedback from Students and Parents.
  • Brings in Efficiency and Quality in the system
  • Brings in Accountability in the staff
  • Reduction of Expenses (Printing / telephone/Postage)
  • Right Information at right time.
  • 24x7 Support available
  • Website Administration and update support
  • Student profile/Detail

For Parents

  • Monitor your Child’s Performance – Academic and Extra Curricular
  • Communicate with Teachers and the Management
  • Know what your child’s Homework
  • Read the school notices online
  • Know what your child has missed, when you were out for a trip
  • Know your child’s Fees Structure and pay fees online sitting at home.
  • Know if your child had any Disciplinary Issue in the School today
  • Get SMS alerts on all critical events in the school
  • Get valuable career guidance and feedback of teachers
  • Know the status of the Attendance
  • Know your child in a better manner so you can make them best.

For Teachers
  • Plan your lessons as per the Syllabus using the integrated Lesson Planner
  • Managing the Attendance of all the students in your class
  • Able to give more attention to the deserving students
  • Create your Examination Report cards instantly
  • Communicate the child’s Progress Report to the parent directly
  • Able to see and edit own profile.
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