Desktop Applications are robust, rich-client applications that are compiled and run using the processing power of an individual user's desktop computer. TRENDSOFT has expertise in a wide variety of the latest programming language tools and platforms for client-server application. Structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with client/server development. We will help you develop customized software applications and assist you thorough out the entire software development Life Cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training.

Application development has undergone a transition over the last few years, with the migration of applications from traditional client/server designs to the Internet. This dynamic nature of the web as a convenient transaction vehicle for business transactions has made fast-paced development of solutions - paramount. The advent of technologies such as ASP, PHP, Microsoft .NET etc allows us to convert business processes and legacy application into web enable applications

Ironically, one of the most important aspects of online presence is also one of the least understood. Web designing is often mistaken simply for layout design, more often cluttering the homepage with scores of links, a flash movie clip and presto, the recipe for debacle is served. Indeed web designing has more to it, than it is accredited for. It is a comprehensive exercise that takes into account the various factors that go into creating a fully functional and most importantly, convenient website. Things like content, optimization, graphics, links, etc. all need to evaluated empirically .At Trendsoft, we develop Custom Web Site Design for companies waiting to use of Internet as medium as an integral part of their marketing mix. We have an in-depth understanding and expertise for the e commerce website design, technology and marketing process required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefit exist on the Internet.Unlike other web site design Firm , we do not outsource any aspect of the website design or production process. We have all the necessary personnel and expertise requited to manage our client's website in-house, from brief to delivery.


Software support and maintenance is a critical area often overlooked by companies investing in IT. Not paying adequate attention to support contracts and agreements before starting development can lead to severe issues after implementation as proper procedures and service level agreements are not clearly defined. However, having the right production support infrastructure can ensure that issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner with minimum downtime for critical applications. Companies with substantial IT infrastructure and considerable dependence on IT for daily operations realize the importance of adequate support services. However, support and maintenance contracts are relatively long term commitments. Therefore, a large number of organizations worldwide are opting for offshore outsourcing of support services to obtain quality services with significant cost savings over an extended period of time. Trendsoft can serve as the perfect long term partner for meeting your application support and maintenance requirements.
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