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Student Database Contain following Admission Register Module contains any information of wards which is required by the school. Some important information is explained herebelow:

Admission Number is a unique Alpha-Numeric number which is also treated as an account number for many purpose like Fee collection, Transportation, Examination etc.

Admitted Class is the class in which the ward is admitted. It will not be changed as the student is promoted year after year.

Designation and other Details of parents. All these categories are provided in a report wizard which will give an unlimited combinations of comprehensive reports

Photo Identity-Card Photo of the ward can be linked in two ways; (1) Linking to the auto-generated file name in the pre-defined photo directory. (2) Manually linking using a browse button. The photo is used many occasions like Photo Identity Card Printing, TC printing, Fee Counter etc.

Emergency Info this field contains informations like the telephone number and the person to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Medical Info. alergic list, medical problems, if any, are recorded in this field which is vermuch useful at the time of an emergency or first aid

TC No if this Number is provided in the Admission Register then the ward is treated as not in Roll.

Category: Even the students in same class can have different fee structure. eg: In an Army School child of a Hawildar can have a different feestructure than that of Major's Child.

Transportation Details like Bus Number, picking point, picking and dropping timings, contact number and details of the person in-charge of the vehicle, Charges applicable for the concerned details.

Siblings: We can set the sibling list here in the admission register which would give you a cross link referece across the student database.


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